Putting Research into Practice

For more than 30 years, Ibbotson Associates, Inc. has been a leading provider of asset allocation research and real-world solutions. Each Ibbotson model portfolio offered on the SelectOne platform is:

  • Guided by decades of Ibbotson's award-winning investment research
  • Based on a diversified mix of over 20 asset classes
  • Monitored by a professional investment team

Active/Passive Investing

Each model portfolio in the Ibbotson lineup seeks to deliver the best of both active and passive investing styles.

  • Ibbotson seeks to use active management where it can add the most value, taking into account a portfolio's established risk level while keeping expenses to a minimum.
  • In areas that benefit less from the insights of active managers, Ibbotson will often rely on passively managed investments, helping to save investors money.

Ibbotson carefully monitors the overall risk level of a model portfolio when combining active and passive strategies.

  • Model portfolios that are more conservative or sensitive to risk have a larger allocation to passively managed investments.
  • Those relying on higher levels of risk to help generate return are often more heavily invested in actively managed funds.

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