Frontier Asset management

A Better Investment Philosophy

We work in partnership with advisors to help them build thriving businesses. We do this in 3 ways:

We Add Value Through Active Management.

  • The goal is to grow your clients' assets faster through our use of dynamic asset allocation and manager selection techniques that are superior to traditional approaches. Our track record shows we can do it.

We Protect Your Clients' Assets.

  • Our goal is to minimize declines in portfolio value so your clients are more comfortable during difficult times and stay on track. This helps your business grow over the long-term. Our track record shows we can do it.

We Work Side-by-Side With You.

  • We have devoted our careers to serving independent financial advisors. We are willing to get down into the trenches with you to win new business and retain current clients. Our track record shows we can do it.

Frontier's investment process is built on the idea that active management can add value. Frontier has a disciplined process for identifying mutual fund managers who are truly skilled and can produce superior returns in the future. The heart of their process is a technique known as "returns-based style analysis," which allows them to establish customized benchmarks for every mutual fund they analyze. Frontier combines mutual funds in portfolios so their unique approaches to investing complement one another.

Frontier makes tactical adjustments to its portfolios based on a quantitative process driven by factors that can be observed and measured, not speculation about the future. Each portfolio is designed to achieve well-defined performance objectives within established limits on risk.

For more info, contact Heidi A. Meyer, CFP®

Frontier Asset Management

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